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About Us

The Czech Torah Network is an education organization dedicated to rememberance and Jewish spiritual continuity by connecting synagogues and religious institutions that have Czech Torah Scrolls. During the past 35 years, over 1,500 Czech Torahs have been rescued and distributed by The Czech Memorial Scrolls Centre of London, England. They are now on permanent loan throughout the world. 

We are a Jewish non-profit organization that has been formed to educate congregations and their members about the sacred Czech Torah Scrolls which were taken by the Nazis from Jewish synagogues in Bohemia and Moravia. Hitler rounded up and killed millions of innocent children and adults during World War II. He confiscated all the Jewish ritual items and torah scrolls from the Jewish Communities of Bohemia and Moravia of the country then known as Czechoslovakia. It has been suggested that his plan was to use these objects of Judaica to create a museum of an extinct race--the Jews. This has never been formally proven but this collection of Jewish cultural and religious artifacts bears witness to the Holocaust. Today, these Czech torahs, part of this precious legacy, are being used in congregations throughout the world as a source of Jewish spiritual continuity.

The Czech Torah Network Web site is updated and maintained regularly for our users and visitors. We shall continue to expand and develop the site to serve people everywhere to learn about this wonderful cause.

Founding Members

Susan Boyer, USA
Hana Lustig Greenfield, Czech Republic - Israel
Murray Greenfield, USA - Israel
Rabbi Mark Shapiro. USA

We appreciate your interest in The Czech Torah Network. This is a very important work. We hope you may help us continue in this work.

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