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Mission Statement

Through The Czech Torah Network, we will encourage one another to fully utilize these precious scrolls in ongoing educational and worship activities. It is important that we make a living connection to the communities where these scrolls originated by locating survivors, looking after their cemeteries, and remembering those who once worshipped with these sacred Torah scrolls.

What Was The Holocaust?

We have compiled 50 highly selective links to help you learn about the Holocaust and what it means to Jewish heritage.

The Czech Memorial Scrolls Centre

Today the numbered racks where these scrolls were stored since their arrival in 1964, have grown emptier, as one scroll after another has been put back into into use by congregations and religious institutions all over the world.

The Story Of The Jewish Torahs of Czechoslovakia

Joseph Pick details the story of the 1,564 Torah scrolls from the hundreds of Jewish Communities which was once known as Jewish Communities in Bohemia and Moravia, wiped out by the Nazis in the Holocaust. Read The Story of the Jewish Torahs of Czechoslovakia in 4 chapters that will touch your soul:

New Children's Book - I am a Holocaust Torah

Czech Torah Network founding members, Murray and Hana Greenfield, have been instrumental in the publishing of the book, I am a Holocaust Torah , written by Rabbi Alex J. Goldman. The book is available from Gefen Publishing House. To order this book or for more infomation about Holocaust-related books, e-mail orders@gefenpublishing.com. Or, visit the Gefen Publishing website at www.gefenpublishing.com.

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