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Holocaust Scroll Returns to Its Spiritual Home of Lostice

On June 17 and 18, 2005 Rabbi Bruce Elder and members of his congregation, Hakafa of Glencoe, Illinois traveled with their torah scroll on loan from the Memorial Scrolls Trust in London to the town of Lostice where their Torah once was a part of this town’s Jewish community. In honor of this historic occasion synagogue benches were donated and a commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust took place. A concert, tour of castle Bouzov, and an exhibition was presented that remembered the Jews of this area. Rabbi Elder conducted the first Torah worship in the Lostice Synagogue since the Nazi occupation.

The Jews of this town have been remembered because of the generosity of The Cantor Family of Los Angeles California. Their organization, Respect and Tolerance, www.respectandtolerance is is headed by Mr. Ludek Stipl cromstil@yahoo.com. The Czech Torah Network sends kudos to Congregation Hakafa on their history-making trip!

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